Wu Yi Fan (Kris) Do Well in your movie!


Where did I go? Your one video recalls me back, recalls my love back for you. I’m sorry, I was just in a deep shock that time, I chose to keep silent, I didn’t defend or hate you. Forgive me, I just realize how great your position in my heart, you are so meaningful for me.

But one thing, I always believe this is the best choice for you, I just want you to be happy.

And now, I’m fully sure with this sentences.

“You do well! Work hard and reach your dreams. Stay healthy and happy, and keep loving your fans. I believe Exo is just not your style since the beginning, and it must have been though for you to be treated unfairly, you have a lot of passion in singing, dancing, acting and performing, but they never give you chance, right? And those people who said that they loved you, didn’t do anything, and just do their job. They could have at least become like JR. of GOT7, He always tries his best to let everyone feel respected, he let everyone sings their part, unforgettably. You’re also being a puppet leader, when maybe, you were not respected much back then. I know it must have been really though for you. Your health, the treatments crazy fans gave you too, I can’t stand to think about it. You kept smiling when those blitzes hurt your eyes, your heart cried inside but those selfish fangirls keep pushing you to do this and that. I hope you get all your wish now, happiness, health, proper recognition, and fans who will support you politely. I really wish you doing well, never stop learning, you have all the potential. I support you :) Wu Yi Fan:))”

For Taeyeon


i think at first, taeyeon didn’t even think using codes on sns will bring so much probs like this, I mean she was deeply in love that time, many people will do the same thing without realizing at first, if you know what I meant… yes she should have recognized it after some time, but what can you do when you don’t do it? everyone ever felt this I’m sure,where you can’t help that an already done action to make some problem for yourself, I do disappointed at her, but she’s a person, she makes mistakes too, so don’t be too hard on her esp in this case, but still apolgize with the truth taeyeon, baekhyun. I wonder would taeyeon say “I was so in love that time that I couldn’t think right, it was all my mistake and I’m sorry for the fans who’s fooled by me, I don’t think it could hurt you this far” . This is a mature apology

To me, we, as international fans, don’t understand what the Korean fans go through. They spend so much more money (eg. concert tickets, movie tickets, theater tickets, award show tickets, music program tickets, merchandise, gifts) and more time/effort on the idols than we do, so maybe they feel more of a connection.
Dating isn’t wrong, but what they did on their SNS accounts was a bit shady, but so what if they feel upset. I-fans are so quick to put down the Korean fans. If you put as much money/time/effort into them as they did, maybe you’d be a bit upset too and I feel like we should look at it from their point of view too.:3 .
.. Just my opinion, don’t kill me.^-^ – Coolstorydad netizenbuzz

i will forgive if they apologize and tell the truth. it’s almost impossible that none of those photos actually mean code for each other, it’s too obvious. Although most of stupid actions are made by baekhyun because Taeyeon uploaded first, and baek followed the actions. If you’re a truly gentleman, Apologize! their relationship is so questionable where taeng carelessly opened car window while kissing *it’s a private/idols dating area though*, when baekhyun is just 3 years in the industry, and the boy don’t stand up to defend her girlfriend over all these things..

My Thought about Taeyeon Baekhyun


i see her already as an old noona who’s crazily and carelessly doing it, she seems so passionate with her relationship, her words about “I don’t see baekhyun as a man” is bullshit to us, once again, it’s okay you’re in love but why you should lie to begin with? if you care about your fans genuinely, you will think carefully about your action, your posts in IG are really 99% suspicious , if you make it frontal, I guess you have been ready to get attacked by fans, also your careless act to pick up, drive, and be there without closing the windshield , even though it’s a private place, why you’re stupidly careless? you’re drunk in love for sure. the fact that both of them are the most pervert member in each group, isn’t it silly to think they’re only sitting while dating for hours in the car, plus their perfect position, and baekhyun’s confirmed past, where he was drunk underage… taeyeon isn’t seem like innocent girl too, and she’s 27! so I don’t really wanna hear that she’s depressed or what, because what she’s doing clearly means that she’s already ready for all things. I hope taeyeon’s physcally not hurt and mentally strong..

and baekhyun, it’s good to lie to your fans too, you;re 35 now rite? haha

one thing I learned from this case is, taeyeon and baekhyun are not viewing fans as precious as they used to ostensibly show….

and In my opinion, there’s no use to take side on anybody YOU ARE NOT KNOWING PERSONALLY, it just feels stupid, how you’re shouting you believe in her and all when finally you realize that you’re believing a bullshit like Kris’ Case, many people on Kris’ side, blaming SM, telling that EXO members’ accounts are hacked but apparently they tell us directly that they were really feeling that way and there’s no such thing as hacking. So I won’t believe any bs like “this rumour is for making fans forget about Kris etc” why sacrifice baekhyun? it could be Taeng with anybody else, plus if it’s staged, aren’t they crazy enough to release photo about them started to have *** ? crazy!

KPOP, The Fake Fairytale


[tulisan ini dibuat berdasarkan perasaan penulis mendengar dating report Taeyeon dan Baekhyun]

aku sekali dibangunkan pada kenyataan dimana kpop idol itu tidak bersih, tidak innocent atau pure seperti image yang mereka paksakan untuk tampil..komentar ini begitu menggelitik “Idols are like an animal kingdom, They date around so much” -Lee Joon MBLAQ. ya mungkin untuk sesekali kita bisa berpikir mungkin itu hanya beberapa idol “rookie” saja, I can clearly tell how dirty nine muses is, they seem date a lot, the only girl group i can be sure of, karena bahkan membernya pun diambil dari sebuah katalog jual beli model, if you think the same with me.. dan gimana kelakuan nine muses kyungri dengan Vixx Ken… disgusted much… I love Nine Muses a lot as an entertainer but not as a role model or what Idols are worshiped nowadays.

I’ve heard a lot rumors too about how idols date each other, mereka malam2 pergi ke tempat dimana idols biasa dating, mereka bisa bahkan go on date cuma di dalam mobil, tp melakukan hal yang lebih dari sekedar kissing. Once again i hate the truth that their images are pulled so innocently yet they’re not at all…and kita ga punya hak buat protes, they are made to be consumed by us.

and there are plenty pervert idols who can drop their jaw for sistar’s sexy dancing, like kyuhyun,leeteuk, ryeowook,eunhyuk, sungmin, Heechul etc.. And also I’m shocked when i was still a delusional fan when somebody asks “which snsd members who’s still a virgin?” like What? can they even have a time for it? but, taeyeon and baekhyun proved that it’s really possible to do it. Yeah, that time, when the scandal’s released the fan speculated that they had more than just a kiss, but a play.

Yah, begitulah, ini mengingatkan kita untuk jangan pernah benar-benar terlalu mencintai Idol sampai kita merasa memiliki mereka, terluka jika mereka menyukai orang lain, jangan… kurangi lah perasaan itu dari sekarang karena kita tidak akan mungkin memiliki mereka, ya, aku tahu memang lebih enak mencintai mereka ketimbang mencintai orang di dunia nyata, tidak sakit, tidak bertepuk sebelah tangan *secara langsung*, bisa terus kita perhatikan. tapi sadarlah mereka semua palsu, dan satu persatu dengan atau tanpa kita ketahui mereka akan have a deep relationship with a or some girls… they’re not clean, and they’re very fake, they’ll hurt you in the very last moment, ya manis di awal pahit diakhir,terutama saat mereka terjebak scandal tidak baik seperti ini.. image innocent taeyon dan bakhyun benar2 menguap, meskipunn yaa sejak awal kita tahu mereka berdua pervert.

Ingatlah satu kata orang bijak berikut ini “Kamu tidak akan bisa benar-benar mencintai sesuatu jika kamu telah sangat mencintai sesuatu yang lain” jadi, solusi dari saya atas hal ini mungkin hanya satu, lebih mencintai tuhanmu, pasti cintamu kepada idol akan berkurang… berkurang sekali, atau cintai pasangan mu jika sudah punya atau sudah halal bagimu.

Kita tidak bisa terus mengidolakan mereka yang jagoan maksiat ini, jangan pernah letakkan keimananmu dibawah hal2 seperti ini jika kamu tidak ingin menyesal…

Trick Menjawab Soal Pilihan Ganda


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Saya mau share sedikit trik dalam menjawab soal-soal ujian ataupun soal-soal lain khususnya yang berbentuk Pilihan Berganda (Multiple Choice). Trik ini saya buat sepenuhnya berdasarkan pengalaman saya dalam mengerjakan soal-soal pilihan berganda dan tidak ada dasarnya sama sekali untuk menyatakan bahwa trik ini adalah Valid dan akan menghasilkan jawaban yang benar. Namun tidak ada salahnya untuk mencoba trik ini apabila anda sedang dalam keadaan “tidak tahu harus menjawab apa”.

Perhatian! : Sebaiknya Trik ini digunakan jika dan hanya jika anda dalam keadaan “blank” tidak tau harus menjawab apa atau tidak paham akan soal yang ditanyakan.

Lansung aja kita menuju TKP.

Pilihan jawaban yang terpanjang atau terpendek (atau bisa juga yang bahasa jawabannya itu keren).

Contoh :

Yang termasuk biaya yang tidak boleh dikurangkan terhadap penghasilan bruto perusahaan tetapi merupakan penghasilan bagi karyawan/pegawai adalah :

  1. Penyedia makan dan minum di daerah terpencil.
  2. Premi JHT yang dibayar perusahaan ke…

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