Am I seeing water or it’s just a fatamorgana?


I wonder whether being with you is the only choice I can choose

so many things wander in my mind

You, do you deserve being here?

getting them all, am I too impatient?

what is in you to make me consider you so precious

your footsteps that is getting quieter, are you away?

thinking of it already hard for me

To be honest, you being here and being not here are all sad things

I can’t do this, I shouldn’t have

but thinking of you, taking care of you, and you are all that matters

I’m always asking myself, what’s in you that make me can’t leave?

Is it that genuine love or it’s just our self selfishness?

because we’re lonely, because it can be others, if not you

because it can be others, if not me

I’m the one who gives everything up to you

I’m doing a wrong thing, I know

but feeling like letting you go was the hardest pain that I could have taken

you’re precious
you’re making me proud

you always listens to me and make me feel needed

But if it’s not me, will you find someone new?

is it because coincidentally I’m the one who stands in front of you?

how do you think of me?

if I don’t disturb you, would you let me go easily?

for someone who I never feel right to love..


About Humaira Mujahadah

My Pen Name is Humaira Mujahadah. If you know, Humaira is the nickname of one of the most glorious woman in the world, which is destined to be my actual name. Mujahadah is a do'a, to make me as strong as that word, in facing life tests. I'm an Ordinary Girl, but I dare to dream many extraordinary things, and I believe Insyaa Allah, my dreams will come true. I have been enjoying inspiring posts from great people and I started wishing to be inspiring like them. Even though I may be not as good as them yet, I hope now, tomorrow,and forever, this blog will share something meaningful and inspiring that can make people also believe to make their dreams come true. My Love, Allah.

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