My Ocean, His Ocean


Someday, I’ll be his ocean. The person that I don’t know who.

Having no clue, I had been going through many expectations following by different kinds of realities

Wondering whether I prefer somebody who looks good,

or a good person who makes me comfortable

I was in a long delusion, thinking that the good looking man made me comfortable

Even my greed for his love had grown weary

Now I questioned myself, did I really feel comfortable or I was assured by his perfect appearance

Sometimes, I feel like a complete package should be the best choice

But in reality, most of the men are not that perfect

Then I questioned myself again, does face or behavior that really matter?

Sometimes, the wonder happens but we can’t always be living with high expectations

But in mind, I have one thing for sure

this one doesn’t change as time goes by

that my dream is…

I want to be needed by that somebody, my existance, my suggestions, my warmth

I want somebody who needs me to make him something special

Not absolutely perfect man who only knows how to be loved

I want my love to give and give, but by the two parties not just one

I’m okay for my ocean to be loved by others, I really do

As long as he will consider me as his only love for romance

But the thing like love can be shared, I’m still in the condition that I’m okay to it

When the condition calls so.

One day I’ll be his ocean

I hope I can complete him to be good person, then

I can complete him to be an extraordinary person, So does he…

I hope he can complete me to be good person, then

He can complete me to be an extraordinary person, as well

Meaning that he accept that I have a lot of weakness and negative points

Beside those good points that he also appreciates

Meaning that I accept that he has a lot of weakneess and negative points

Beside those good points that I also appreciate

My significant others, what kind of man will he be?


They said that when the perfect time comes, love will come to you as simple as it is

I was simple in giving something that I shouldn’t have given

And I think a lot, I feel deeply a lot, I misunderstand a lot

I haven’t realized it till those girls called me out

They called me delusional, they told me that I was living on expectations that I shouldn’t be living

It was hurt but I learned slowly that It must be true

They said that with the two types of gender which have their own characteristics,

One can never meet others when the perfect time hasn’t come

Then I guess I did something really wrong, and I’ve realized it

But I haven’t make any step to walk out and shut it down

Then I experience something that I shouldn’t have experienced

That hurt feeling, which is not his guilt

I’ve learned slowly that to live my live happily I should stand in simple thought

Simple act, right timing, and well prepared life steps

I’ll find a good man, I’ll be a good girl first

I’ll be patient till the right time comes

And I have been learning slowly that we never were special to each other

I wished so, but you never thought that way

I was assured by your good looks and forget about anything else

You’re such a good man, I admit that my view on that won’t change

But the suitest man to complete my future life? Let me think about it carefully

While I’m preparing myself, improving myself, suiting myself

For that somebody who will feel comfortable and helped by my existence

So I won’t disappoint him a lot and get to solve all kinds of misunderstandings and obstacle

By a wisest heart, mind, action

Because I only want sakinah, with somebody who will make me his ocean later…


About Humaira Mujahadah

My Pen Name is Humaira Mujahadah. If you know, Humaira is the nickname of one of the most glorious woman in the world, which is destined to be my actual name. Mujahadah is a do'a, to make me as strong as that word, in facing life tests. I'm an Ordinary Girl, but I dare to dream many extraordinary things, and I believe Insyaa Allah, my dreams will come true. I have been enjoying inspiring posts from great people and I started wishing to be inspiring like them. Even though I may be not as good as them yet, I hope now, tomorrow,and forever, this blog will share something meaningful and inspiring that can make people also believe to make their dreams come true. My Love, Allah.

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