Stay Patient


we shouldn’t have sparked the fire again

I know how longing it must be

How empty some places that shouldn’t be empty

and how the longing asks for just a glance

but then, the fire started to flame again..

no matter how I miss you

no matter how we can’t meet for long

no matter how we have no excuse to meet

no matter how I keep being in these certainty and uncertainty

I am still, and you must be , uncertain too…

but we’re preparing for someone good, rite?

if not you, he must be another good person…

if not me, she must be another good person…

It has been decided, so will we disappoint ourselves?

For the fate that has been decided and the things around it?

will we be ready for facing problems later if we’re not patient now?

I especially ask myself who is very hard to be patient…

Stay Patient, let’s welcome the future with a blessed way :”)


Just a daydream of something that mustn’t actually occur in real life


About Humaira Mujahadah

My Pen Name is Humaira Mujahadah. If you know, Humaira is the nickname of one of the most glorious woman in the world, which is destined to be my actual name. Mujahadah is a do'a, to make me as strong as that word, in facing life tests. I'm an Ordinary Girl, but I dare to dream many extraordinary things, and I believe Insyaa Allah, my dreams will come true. I have been enjoying inspiring posts from great people and I started wishing to be inspiring like them. Even though I may be not as good as them yet, I hope now, tomorrow,and forever, this blog will share something meaningful and inspiring that can make people also believe to make their dreams come true. My Love, Allah.

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